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Thursday, February 26, 2015

All the reasons why you DON’T

want to read MIAMI HUSH CLUB

If you love reading romantic suspense, you should definitely steer clear of this monstrosity of a series. Trust me, I should know. I’m the author.

1. You would have to read about lick-worthy, alpha hotties living in beautiful Miami. 

2. You would even have to read about one at the beach and you might imagine his perfect abs.

3. Or even worse, he might be wearing nothing at all. 

4. If you read the first ebook, you would definitely have to read the second.
And that would be awful because they’re both F-F-F-FREE. 

5. You might need fresh panties every time Vega and Nicolette share a scene. 

6. Because there would be a lot of this...

7. And this...


8. At that point, you might have to admit to your grandmother that you read smut romance.

9. By the end of book three you'll never look at ice cubes in the same way again.

10. You might even have to stop reading and rush to make extra ice cubes for later.

11. And I haven't even told you about the plot yet.
You might get a brain freeze from all the twists and turns. 
Kinda like drinking a Slurpee really fast and then doing cart wheels. 

12. This could also be a dangerous reaction.

13. Even though you can read all 4 ebooks in the series, the cliffhangers might leave you like...

14. For some readers, all the hotness and romantic suspense might be too much.

15. And after you’re done, you might actually want to join the 
Miami Hush Club even though there isn’t one in real life. (Or is there?)

16. If you’re a glutton for punishment, you can watch the steamy book trailer.

17. Finally, if you haven't had enough torture, you can download the first and second ebook in the series. But beware, you might want to read more.

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